Shawn Bolz

Author, Translating God
Director of Bolz Ministries

I have seen demonstrated in Kayle an amazing ability to help leadership level people of different industries to connect to their passion and goals with a new found sense of identity. Kayle has an unusual spirituality where he seems to connect perfectly to the heart of God which then helps people hit their tipping point for their greater purposes. He shares deep insight full of vision. I highly recommend Kayle’s to you. You will not be quite the same once you meet him.

Bryan Torwalt

Jesus Culture Worship Leader

I have known Kayle Mumby for over 12 years now, and has continued to be one of the most passionate and inspiring people I have ever known. His hunger for God is incredibly contagious, and it was his example of radical faith for the impossible that lead me to pursue God on a deeper level than I ever had before. Kayle has personally given me life changing prophetic words on multiple occasions, and I have had the privilege of being in the room many times while he has ministered and have seen so many lives changed and impacted. I am extremely thankful for Kayle’s friendship over the years and can’t wait to see where God takes him over the many years to come.

Rev. Sara Maynard

Director, Redleaf Prayer Ministries & Red Leaf House of Prayer

Through the 10 years Kayle Mumby and I have been friends, I have known him to be a man who is unflinching in his passionate pursuit of Jesus. His love for God stands out as the marking feature of his life. Because of this, he seeks to minister to those that God loves, and walk in a way that would bring honour to the name of Christ, regardless of what that costs him.

Kayle is highly gifted as a prophet and has been used powerfully all over the world bringing words from the Lord to those that are hungry, but also, making disciples, by teaching and activating others to live a supernatural life. I highly recommend Kayle, his life and ministry.

Chris Edwards

YWAM Centro Mexico City

As the founder and director of YWAM Centro Mexico City, I have been blessed to have Kayle walk alongside me in the process of preparing to come to the city and the founding of the base. He has been  clear prophetic voice and has partnered with us in both the spiritual and physical. He teaches with great authority and impartation because of the way he lives a life of intimacy with the Lord.

Brendan and Sharon Witton

Lead Pastors, Toronto City Church

Kayle Mumby has been a great blessing to us as a couple and to our Church community. In the years that we have known him we have been marked by his passion for Jesus, his humility, his willingness to obey God and his heart for people. He truly serves and put’s others above himself. We recommend him to your church, ministry or organization without reservation.

Patricia Bootsma

Co-Lead Pastor Catch the Fire Toronto Airport Campus
Director CEn of Prayer
Director Ontario Prophetic Counsel

Kayle Mumby is a recognized prophet and messenger of the Lord in our nation of Canada.  Kayle carries a heart for revival and to see the great End Time harvest come in.  Unto that end he traverses the globe tirelessly bringing the word of the Lord to individuals, churches and nations.  We have been blessed to have Kayle with us numerous times and I count him a friend.

Faytene Grasseschi

Founder/Director of MY Canada & V-Kol Media (TheCRY Movement)

I have known Kayle Mumby for almost a decade and deeply appreciate him as a person and the gifting He walks in.  Kayle has one of the strongest prophetic seer giftings of anyone I know.  It is a legitimate, genuine and sovereign gift from God.  I have seen him consistently and accurately receive revelation from the heart of the Father that has both spoken to individuals, regions and even nations.

Paul Martini

Associate Evangelist, Global Awakening

I was introduced to Kayle through Dr. Randy Clark a few years back. When I met him I was told Kayle had a great prophetic anointing on his life and how God was using him in high level government prophesies.  When I was first speaking with Kayle, God had impressed upon me to bring him to as many events as possible. Since then Kayle has spoken at multiple Global Awakening events. When Kayle ministers people get touched, inspired and transformed. Many people beg me to bring Kayle to more and more events. The anointing on his life to explain and minister in the prophetic is significant and worth sitting under. His ministry and heart is to serve the Church and to lift up Christ in all he does. He moves in the Spirit with ease while always maintaining a biblical balance.

Frederik Kalbermatten

Professional Snowboarder

Kayle has been a steady friend coming to visit us in Switzerland for some years. It’s so cool to have him come and interact with my friends, other pro snowboarders and photographers / filmers and such, because he winds up having spiritual conversations with people that might never go to church. He’s got such mind blowing stories, people always want to hear more and the conversations continue long after he has gone.

Connor Shram

Senior Leader, Awakening Church

Kayle Mumby is the real deal! His love for the presence of God, and his passion for people, are infectious. Kayle doesn’t have a “ministry mode” – he is a prophet known by his sincerity and integrity. His life and leadership ebb and flow with a priority for relationship always at the centre. Kayle has modelled a new prototype for prophetic ministry and culture. Kayle has a vision for the whole world, and a humility to engage with the hidden places. Kayle is a trusted voice, and a dear friend. I wholeheartedly endorse his ministry.